I'm Alisha Israel. I am a Master International Makeup Professional who has a deep passion for Fashion!  I created High Main10ance Club in 2008 and executed it in November 2012.  High Main10ance Club is dedicated and designed for the strong-willed being that values oneself and doesn't settle for less! That's where "Stop Being Cheap." comes in, it's not about finances, I say this phrase with my brand because it's about your standards, your ambition, your beliefs in doing what is just and what is true...quit selling yourself short...STOP BEING CHEAP!  My brand will help educate, embrace, and will be in your face! It's a random mixture of art, just like me! This brand wouldn't reach it's full potential until I knew who I was, All praise to the Most High! I hope you enjoy as I continue to provide you with quality and giving my all!

Welcome to the High Main10ance Club